August 10, 2018

Geezër - Back for the Attack!

Back for the Attack!

Following months away from the Florida
rock scene, founding Geezër members,
lead singer, Harvey and guitarist, Leonard
now have recovered fully from recent
knee reconstruction, hip replacement,
and cataract surgeries. Fans can expect
the band to be back live on stage this fall.

December 8, 2017

Geezër Wreaks Christmas Chaos with Explosive Yuletide Tracks

Geezër Wreaks Christmas Chaos
with Explosive Yuletide Tracks

Just in time for the current holiday
season, Geezër has dropped a couple
of explosive new Christmas tracks
that are available NOW at CD Baby.


Quickly becoming a hard core classic
among crazed super-teens everywhere,
"Heavy Metal Christmas" is currently
upsetting concerned parents worldwide.

(Get it HERE)


Geezër crushes this timeless treasure
and totally makes it their very own.
Moms and dads absolutely HATE it.

(Get it HERE)

November 3, 2017

Geezër Welcomes Newest Member - Drummer, Ms. J

Geezër Welcomes Newest
Member - Drummer, Ms. J

Not much is known about
our new drummer, Ms. J.

Following the recent suicide death of
original drummer, Victor Farnsworth,
co-founding Geezër bassist, Calvin
Sizemore flew to Chicago for some
"alone time" in which to grieve. It
was while visiting the "Windy City"
when Sizemore met up with Ms. J
at an after-hours nightclub party.
And in no time, Ms. J had relocated
to Miami, Florida and joined Geezër

Meet Geezër's new drummer, Ms. J.
What we do know is, Ms. J is a badass,
freak show drummer who loves the band
Megadeth and loves curly fries. Ms. J
is also single and loves to mingle.

We're thrilled to have Ms. J on board
and we look forward to our new addition
joining Geezër onstage throughout 2018.

October 19, 2017




It's that time of year once again
when fans get to make their voices
heard and tell the gang who runs
Vans Warped Tour which bands
they want to see live next summer.
Please follow the link (below) and
tell 'em you wanna see Geezër -
as well as any of your other hard
core favorites. Thanks!

*We suggest that you also vote for

September 25, 2017


Geezër Winter Concert
Dates - Coming Soon!

There's good news for patient
Geezër fans. Band management
is finalizing winter concert dates
currently with various agents
and promoters. Stand by - official
tour dates will be coming soon!

July 13, 2017

Geezër - 2nd Anniversary Bash (8.26.17)

2nd Anniversary Bash

Fans have been buzzing about it for months
and it's now finally official — Geezër will be
kicking off their 2017 fall tour with a special
anniversary warm-up show in Melbourne, FL.

According to recently resuscitated drummer,
Victor Farnsworth, fans can expect to hear
all the Geezër classics, as well as select
cuts from their up-coming Christmas EP.

Bassist Calvin Sizemore adds that the show
IS in fact, an all-ages event, and he encourages
all super-teen fans to bring their moms.

Just released from a Dade County correctional
"program," the band's street thug back-up singer,
Lil' Shoogie commented, "We gon git all ----up
in this ----------!" The band's co-founding lead
guitarist, Leonard Geezer concurred 100% and
reminds fans to expect some exciting special
guest performers and lots of smiles.

8pm / Saturday / 8.26.17
All Ages!
Open Mikes
Melbourne, FL

April 20, 2017

"Geezër Nation" (YouTube Premier)

"Geezër Nation"
YouTube Premier

More than a month in production,
Geezër's long-awaited first official
music video, "Geezër Nation," has
now finally arrived on YouTube. It's
a whole lotta fun and it's guaranteed
to excite super-teens everywhere.

April 17, 2017



Punk rock superstar, Harvey Geezer,
ventured out recently to his local Zip-
E-Mart in pursuit of his favorite thing
— an ice-cold and delicious Polar Pop.

As you will see, it proved to be an
outrageous, action-packed experience.

March 23, 2017

"GEEZER NATION" - Video Shoot Sneak Peek

Video Shoot Sneak Peek

Directed by East Coast hotshot
videographer, Ed Awalt, the first-
ever official Geezër music video
was shot recently on an elaborate
soundstage in Melbourne, Florida.

Session singers, Lydia and Kole, reprised
their original studio performance for the
upcoming "Geezër Nation" music video.
"'Geezër Nation' is our loudest
song ever," shouted drummer,
Victor Farnsworth, during a mid-
shoot break. Recently convicted
street thug and newly-recruited
back-up vocalist, Lil Shoogie,
concurred by adding, "Yo, dis
track be all like buggin', yo."

Leonard and Calvin did NOT get sleepy
during the "Geezër Nation" video shoot.
In sum, the "Geezër Nation"
video shoot was SO much fun!
And the finished video will be
sure to stir a YouTube sensation.
Stay tuned for further details!

March 17, 2017

LIL SHOOGIE: Miami Street Thug Joins Geezër

Miami Street
Thug Joins Geezër

With a rap sheet running the entire length of the field at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium — notorious gang-banger, Trashcana Johnson (aka Lil Shoogie), fled the crime-riddled backstreets of her North Beach hometown recently to team-up with Geezër, for a blistering new album and scorching 2017 summer tour.

According to inside sources, the creative chemistry
between seasoned rock vet Harvey Geezer and
newcomer Lil Shoogie has been electrifying!
Shoogie's future had seemed uncertain after getting popped (again) last December for lifting a "Sharing Size" package of M&M's with peanuts from a local Zip-E-Mart. However, after copping to a lesser charge, Florida prosecutors now have cleared Shoogie, and she's free to finally leave the state legally.

When asked in a recent interview about her rather unlikely union with the super-crunk / pop-punk combo, she fired back, "Yo, wassup, fool? Imabee representin' North Beach, yo!" And as to whether she thinks the hectic Geezër recording and touring schedule will conflict with her day gig in the fast food industry, she replied defiantly, "SUCK IT, McDONALD'S!"

Despite reported initial tension between Shoogie
and the band's visionary genius Leonard Geezer,
all disagreements now have been resolved.
Look for Shoogie's official Geezër concert debut at Siggy's in Palm Bay, FL on 4.2.17 — as well as her featured tracks on the new Geezër album, Skull Crushërz — coming 4.15.17.