September 25, 2017


Geezër Winter Concert
Dates - Coming Soon!

There's good news for patient
Geezër fans. Band management
is finalizing winter concert dates
currently with various agents
and promoters. Stand by - official
tour dates will be coming soon!

July 13, 2017

Geezër - 2nd Anniversary Bash (8.26.17)

2nd Anniversary Bash

Fans have been buzzing about it for months
and it's now finally official — Geezër will be
kicking off their 2017 fall tour with a special
anniversary warm-up show in Melbourne, FL.

According to recently resuscitated drummer,
Victor Farnsworth, fans can expect to hear
all the Geezër classics, as well as select
cuts from their up-coming Christmas EP.

Bassist Calvin Sizemore adds that the show
IS in fact, an all-ages event, and he encourages
all super-teen fans to bring their moms.

Just released from a Dade County correctional
"program," the band's street thug back-up singer,
Lil' Shoogie commented, "We gon git all ----up
in this ----------!" The band's co-founding lead
guitarist, Leonard Geezer concurred 100% and
reminds fans to expect some exciting special
guest performers and lots of smiles.

8pm / Saturday / 8.26.17
All Ages!
Open Mikes
Melbourne, FL

June 7, 2017

Geezër - Band Embroiled in Bitter Legal Battle

Band Embroiled in
Bitter Legal Battle

Long-brewing legal issues between Geezër and their Florida-based label, Ghoul Tone Records, have now come to a head — a bitter batter over unpaid royalties that has pitted the two parties against each other in a Miami courtroom — and one that is only further delaying the release of the band's highly anticipated third album, Skull Crushërz.

According to official court documents, founding Geezër band members, whose legal names are, Harvey Ebenezer Geezerbaum, Leonard Gavriel Geezerbaum and James Calvin Sizemore III are suing Ghoul Tone Records International for a reported $174,000 in back royalties. The band's recently deceased co-founding drummer, Victor Farnsworth is not named in the suit.

The release date for Geezër's
new album is now a mystery.
"This is an outrage!" declared Ghoul Tone Senior Vice President Skip Fruchtman during recent court proceedings. "The band is just pissed off because we wouldn't let 'em cover another Motörhead tune," he continued. However, under sworn testimony, bassist Calvin Sizemore accused the label of being "myopic tight asses," and threatened to, "take our damn master reels over to the nice kids at Epitaph!" 

"No matter what yo, our F-ing new record WILL be coming out SOON, yo!" shouted the group's street thug back-up singer, Lil' Shoogie as she was dragged from the courtroom by local law enforcement officers. Neither Harvey nor Leonard have been available for comment.

The battle is expected to wage on throughout the steamy summer months, and perhaps into the fall. Stand by for further details.

April 20, 2017

"Geezër Nation" (YouTube Premier)

"Geezër Nation"
YouTube Premier

More than a month in production,
Geezër's long-awaited first official
music video, "Geezër Nation," has
now finally arrived on YouTube. It's
a whole lotta fun and it's guaranteed
to excite super-teens everywhere.

April 17, 2017



Punk rock superstar, Harvey Geezer,
ventured out recently to his local Zip-
E-Mart in pursuit of his favorite thing
— an ice-cold and delicious Polar Pop.

As you will see, it proved to be an
outrageous, action-packed experience.

April 3, 2017


Geezër frontman,
Harvey Geezer is quite
excited about the band's
upcoming new album,
Skull Crushërz.

Check out his latest 
YouTube message.

March 23, 2017

"GEEZER NATION" - Video Shoot Sneak Peek

Video Shoot Sneak Peek

Directed by East Coast hotshot
videographer, Ed Awalt, the first-
ever official Geezër music video
was shot recently on an elaborate
soundstage in Melbourne, Florida.

Session singers, Lydia and Kole, reprised
their original studio performance for the
upcoming "Geezër Nation" music video.
"'Geezër Nation' is our loudest
song ever," shouted drummer,
Victor Farnsworth, during a mid-
shoot break. Recently convicted
street thug and newly-recruited
back-up vocalist, Lil Shoogie,
concurred by adding, "Yo, dis
track be all like buggin', yo."

Leonard and Calvin did NOT get sleepy
during the "Geezër Nation" video shoot.
In sum, the "Geezër Nation"
video shoot was SO much fun!
And the finished video will be
sure to stir a YouTube sensation.
Stay tuned for further details!

March 20, 2017

Skull Crushërz: New Cover Art Revealed!

Skull Crushërz
New Cover Art Revealed!

From Miami Beach to Anchorage,
super-teens around the world are
awaiting the new Geezër album
with intense anticipation. And
today, reps from the band's label,
Ghoul Tone Records, revealed a
revised, all-new cover layout.

Skull Crushërz - Track List
01. Geezër Nation
02. Let's Go To The Beach
03. Teenage Tragedy (Super-Crunk Mix)
04. Feelin' Freakie
05. Smile, Sara Smile
06. Jingle Bells
07. Talkin' 'Bout Ashley
08. Silly Putty Buddy
09. Boom Chick-a-Pop
10. Me-Me, No-No
11. Bad Luck
12. Heavy Metal Xmas
13. Sad Banana
14. Teenage Tragedy (Super-Teen Re-Mix)

The album contains many of the
band's most popular hits, as well
as several new classics, including
"Talkin' 'Bout Ashley" and "Heavy
Metal Xmas." Yet, despite the last-
minute art revisions, label reps are
assuring fans that the record WILL
still be released as scheduled on
4.15.17. Further details to come.

March 17, 2017

LIL SHOOGIE: Miami Street Thug Joins Geezër

Miami Street
Thug Joins Geezër

With a rap sheet running the entire length of the field at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium — notorious gang-banger, Trashcana Johnson (aka Lil Shoogie), fled the crime-riddled backstreets of her North Beach hometown recently to team-up with Geezër, for a blistering new album and scorching 2017 summer tour.

According to inside sources, the creative chemistry
between seasoned rock vet Harvey Geezer and
newcomer Lil Shoogie has been electrifying!
Shoogie's future had seemed uncertain after getting popped (again) last December for lifting a "Sharing Size" package of M&M's with peanuts from a local Zip-E-Mart. However, after copping to a lesser charge, Florida prosecutors now have cleared Shoogie, and she's free to finally leave the state legally.

When asked in a recent interview about her rather unlikely union with the super-crunk / pop-punk combo, she fired back, "Yo, wassup, fool? Imabee representin' North Beach, yo!" And as to whether she thinks the hectic Geezër recording and touring schedule will conflict with her day gig in the fast food industry, she replied defiantly, "SUCK IT, McDONALD'S!"

Despite reported initial tension between Shoogie
and the band's visionary genius Leonard Geezer,
all disagreements now have been resolved.
Look for Shoogie's official Geezër concert debut at Siggy's in Palm Bay, FL on 4.2.17 — as well as her featured tracks on the new Geezër album, Skull Crushërz — coming 4.15.17.

March 10, 2017



March 11th and 12th will
prove an epic and exhausting
weekend, as the members of
Geezër will be traveling from
Miami to Melbourne, Florida
for a marathon photo session
for the cover of the upcoming
new album, Skull Crushërz,
and their first-ever official
video shoot for the monster
hit single, "Geezër Nation." 

2015 Geezër photo shoot
Stand by, the new album and
video both arrive on April 15th.
Plus, a few brand spanking new,
and totally kissable publicity pics
will be revealed HERE on the
band's official website next week!